Die Rettung eines verirrten Ponys in Dartmoor oder eine aufregende Fahrradtour zu Becky Falls ? Kurz vor den Sommerferien stellten die Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 6b (jetzt 7b) ihre Phantasie und ihre Kenntnisse der englischen Sprache unter Beweis und schrieben spannende Geschichten. Hier einige gelungene Ergebnisse...

Holidays on Dartmoor

In my holidays I helped a farmer on a pony farm on Dartmoor. In the morning I fed the ponies and brushed them. There were twelve ponies. One of them was dark brown and her name was Mona. She was my favourite pony so I played with her every day. But one morning she was missing. I was worried and ran to the farmer to tell him. He was worried too. So we went on Dartmoor to find Mona. We went up and down the hills but we couldn’t find her. I was very sad because we had searched a long time and night was coming so we went back to the farm. When I went into my room to go to bed I suddenly heard a noise. What was that? Something was crying. I looked out of my window and there she was – Mona. She was looking at me. I was very happy. I ran into the kitchen to tell the farmer that Mona had come back. We still don’t know where she had been but for me those were the best holidays of my life. (Finnja)


The missing baby pony

Megan spent the summer holidays on a pony farm on Dartmoor. She helped the farmer to look after the ponies. But one morning her favourite baby pony wasn’t there. She had to find it because it could die on the dangerous moor. Megan searched the pony but even one hour later she hadn’t found it. She was sad but she was clever and called the farmer and said,”One of your baby ponies is missing, I need help. I don’t really know where I am.” The farmer said,”Oh dear! Can you see the barn?” Megan said, “Yes, I can see it far away.” The farmer said,”Ok, go there.” Ten minutes later they met at the barn. Suddenly they heard the baby pony crying but they couldn’t see it. After one more hour Megan found the pony and gave it a hug. Megan was happy, because nothing bad had happened to the pony. The farmer and Megan rode to the farm with the tractor and had scones. The baby pony was happy to see its mother again. (Linus)


The missing pony

In my holidays I helped a farmer on a pony farm on Dartmoor. One morning I went outside to feed the ponies. At first I thought my favourite pony was outside and ate grass but some minutes later I still didn´t see the pony. I was very worried about it. I went inside to tell the farmer what had happened. We went out together and searched it. Then we saw the footprints of the pony. We followed the footprints but we couldn’t find it. We were very scared and worried. Then we heard a voice. Was it the pony? We followed the voice and then we finally saw the pony. It was eating blueberries and looked really happy. We were very happy that we had found the pony but a little bit angry, too, that it had run away because of blueberries. We took some blueberries and went back to the farm with the pony and we ate the blueberries. They were really yummy. It was a very exciting day in my holidays. (Franziska)


The missing pony

In my holidays I helped a famer on a pony farm on Dartmoor. One morning I wanted to go to my favourite baby pony in the barn, but I didn`t see the pony. I was worried. I looked everywhere on the farm, but the pony was missing. I went on the moor. There were no people, who could help me. I left the moor and went on the top of a tor. At the tor I saw the beautiful countryside, but I couldn`t see the baby pony. Then I ran to the rocks. I looked behind the rocks. “Where is the pony? “ I asked and cried. After that I wanted to give up. My mobile beeped. On the phone was the farmer. He asked me, where I was. I told him the story. The farmer said: “The pony is on the farm and eats hay in the pig barn. Then I ran to the farm over hills, tors, valleys and rocks. At the farm I saw the baby pony. I was so happy. The pony found the way from the moor to the farm alone. It had no help. I was very relieved. Then I sat down on the hay and smiled. (Leonie)


Zak, the rescue dog

One morning I went on a bike tour to Becky Falls, a big waterfall. When I left the farm, the weather was good. It was sunny and I was really happy. After some time I made a short stop on a rock. Suddenly I saw something far away. It was a white Dartmoor pony and I wanted to see it better, so I went to the place where it was. But it was quite far away. When I was there, it was 6 pm and the night came. The problem was that I couldn’t find my bike and the sun was setting. So I had to sleep under a rock because it was rainy and dark night. Dartmoor is really scary at night. The next morning I heard something barking. It was a rescue dog. A little bit later some people came and rescued me. They brought me back to the farm. Lucy told me that she had been very worried and had called the rescue team. Then Zak, the rescue dog, had come and had found me! The next day we drove to the waterfall with a jeep and it was really cool to see it. Thanks to Lucy and the best dog of the world – Zak. (Justus)


The bike tour

One morning I went on a bike tour to Becky Falls, a big waterfall with Lucy and her grandpa Mr. Tizzard. Lucy´s grandpa said that Becky Falls was not far away. When we left the farm, I rode behind Lucy and her grandpa, because my bike was very slow. After 15 minutes they were so fast that I couldn´t see them. At the beginning everything was o.k. because I only had to follow the path. But then there were two ways and I had to choose one. It was easy, because on one way was a sign saying „Falls“, the „Becky“ wasn’t there, but I was sure that it was the right way. The way was very rocky and after one hour I still was on the same way. I thought that the tour was 15 or 30 minutes long, because Lucy´s grandpa said that Becky Falls was not far away. But after one hour I still didn´t arrive at the waterfall. I was angry that Lucy and her grandpa hadn´t look after me or had waited for me. I wanted to go home, when I saw a waterfall. I thought that it was Becky Falls. But where were Lucy and her grandpa? And then I saw a paper where was written Wicky Falls. Oh no, I didn´t arrive at Becky Falls but Wicky Falls. I felt lonely and angry. Then I phoned Lucy´s grandpa and told him the story. He was laughing and he came with his tractor and we finally went home. In the end I was laughing too. And Lucy promised that they would wait for me next time. (Isabell)


A bike tour to Becky Falls

One morning I went on a bike tour to Becky Falls, a big waterfall. When I left the farm the bike was very fast and I rode away.

Then one hour later the chain broke and I couldn`t ride any further. I wanted to go back, but I couldn`t see the path anymore. It was dark and I couldn`t see anything. It was night. Suddenly I could hear something, it was a bear! I ran away, but the bear followed me. I ran further and further in the moor. Ten minutes later I stopped and I couldn`t see the bear. But I was far in the moor. I went further and half an hour later I saw a light. I ran straight to the light and it was Lucy and Mrs. Tizzard with their tractor.

I was very happy to see them. When we came home, I told them the exciting story. (Luis)


The bike tour to Becky Falls

One morning I went on a bike tour to Becky Falls, a big waterfall. When I left the farm I ride along a path. I rode up and down and the countryside was very beautiful. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. There were no clouds. Then I saw the path to Becky Falls and I turned left in the path. A few minutes later I saw the big waterfall. It was unbelievable and beautiful. I looked at the waterfall and rode down a hill… straight into a big stonewall. Two minutes later I woke up, my knee was very red and my head hurt badly. It was dark and I didn`t see anything, but I went back to the path. I went slowly on the path. Lucy wanted to find me. She went to Becky Falls, but I wasn`t there. I was really excited, but I was not far away from Becky Falls. Three hours later Lucy found me. She was very happy and me too. It was a really exciting story. (Lennart)